Privacy Policy

Read All Privacy Policy Carefully.

Privacy Policy

Privacy needs to be protected during this present electronic world and that we at RLC Quiz (website/App) deference that. You and also as we understand that we need to divulge some information to this world for availing services.

General Information

We request you to provide us general information like mobile number, email address, name of your city, state & country, etc. Other information like mobile number, photo or home address, etc is optional and is left to the discretion of the user when he opts for optional premium services.

Important Information

Your Password

RLC Quiz protects your password and we state that we do not share your password with anybody. It is also your personal responsibility to protect your password.


We have cookies on our website/app which enable us to offer you fast service and customized service. However, you've got the choice to deny the cookies feature but by doing this you will also not be ready to use a number of the services.

It is also stated that we may produce other cookies from other websites on our website/app over which we do not have any control and hence we aren't responsible for privacy trespass by such website. it is they who should be responsible for such trespass of privacy.

E-mail, SMS, Phone Calls from Us, and others.

By registering on our Website/App you give us the consent to contact you through SMS (Short Message Service), email, and through telecommunication (landline, mobile, or the other medium) for all purposes. the aim includes information on products and offers, marketing, contest and prizes, advertising communications, and all other reasons. By registering you are giving us permission to do so.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We will regularly update our website and if any change is required in the Privacy policy then we will notify you of such change by posting on the website.

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